Survivor Stories

Brave survivors speak up about their experience with domestic violence and pet abuse.

Stephanie's Story

He convinced her she wasn't worth anything, that if she left him she would have nothing - she'd lose her home, business and everything else important to her.

And then there was Gremlin, her dog.

"I'd had Gremlin for such a long time and I wasn't going to part with her, I would sooner stay and put up with all the crap that was going on as long as she was with me and safe. If there was a safe place I could have taken Gremlin I would have gone sooner."

Casey's Story

"You feel extremely powerless and distraught, just knowing there's nothing you can do to help your pets who are actually a family member.

"Pets are part of the family, it would just be amazing for the children to have a place to keep them safe - I know I would have been so overwhelmed at the thought that my pets were safe and out of harm's way, but also that we could be reunited.”

Emma's Story

Emma's husband would emotionally and physically abuse her and her two dogs.They were the only source of comfort and protection in her violent home. 

"Every time I tried to leave he'd threatened to kill my babies and I couldn't do that to them so I had to stay - they were the only things keeping me alive."

"My pets are my world, they are part of the family and there's just no way I'd leave them there to get hurt."

Sally's story

"I'm not your stereotypical victim of domestic violence. I'm white. I'm well off. But abuse doesn't discriminate. And sometimes they can hide it more easily when they're dressed in a suit and a tie.

When you imagine leaving, you're thinking "What's going to happen with the kids? Where are we going to go? What about the animals? How am I going to take the cat and the dog and the kids? How am I going to pack them all up? I can't. But if I leave the pets, who will feed them? Will he kill them like he's threatened to?"

Dylan's story

"Mum spent years planning her escape.

If there was a shelter she could have sent her dog to temporarily, I know it would have been part of the plan. Maybe her dog could have been saved before it was too late. I know plenty of other families will want to use Pet Refuge."

If you are wanting help now, call the Women’s Refuge crisis line on 0800 REFUGE or 0800 733 843.

If you are in immediate danger please call 111.