Our partners share our common goal of caring for pets and families.

Pet Refuge believes no one should have to choose between their safety, and the safety of their pet. When our Founder, Julie Chapman, learned pets were being hurt or even killed to control victims, leading to more than half staying in violent situations to protect their pets, she knew something had to change. Pet Refuge was established to remove this barrier by temporarily caring for pets while their owners enter emergency housing and seek safe, long-term accommodation, when they can be reunited with their beloved pet.

Helping to make this possible is our business community. Our Cornerstone partners, Southern Cross Pet Insurance, and SVS, Official Partners, Official Supporters and Major Donors. With domestic violence expected to rise 35% between 2020 and 2025, the financial and in-kind support these businesses provide, allows us to keep up with the ever-increasing need – With their support, we look forward to continuing to help pets, and their families, leave domestic violence TOGETHER.

Our Partners

Our partners are truly invested in giving both pets and people the comfort and reassurance they need to make the difficult and dangerous decision to escape, and the ability to start a new life together. They value protection of people and animals and seek innovative ways to create meaningful and measurable differences.

Cornerstone Partners

Southern Cross Pet Insurance

Southern Cross Pet Insurance

As the name suggests, a Pet Refuge Cornerstone Partner is one of the pillar partners of the charity. Like Pet Refuge, Southern Cross Pet Insurance believes pets are part of the family, and as such, want to help them live their best, longest, and healthiest lives. By supporting the work at the shelter, Southern Cross Pet Insurance are ensuring not only the initial safety and restorative care of pets in need, but also their long-term wellbeing and happiness, as they’re reunited with their beloved owner in a safe home, free from abuse.



With over 90% of our pets requiring care over and above our standard health check and veterinary care forming a large portion of our day-to-day pet costs, we couldn’t be more grateful to have SVS as part of our Pet Refuge family. As well as supporting us financially, SVS support us to ensure we have access to all treatments and products we require, when we require it, and offer advice whenever our team requires a second opinion. Wellbeing is of paramount importance to us, and it’s such a privilege to send each pet home to their loved ones having received the best possible care.


Official Partners