Renting with Pets

Tips and pointers to help secure rentals as a pet owner

Having trouble renting with pets? Here's some ideas:

● Create a CV for your pet
    ⬩ Download a template here
● Have references - landlords and neighbours
● Introduce them to your agent and landlord
● Offer a pet bond / extra weeks bond
● Offer to cover all pet damage
● Offer professional carpet clean before moving out
● Offer to get fencing but to remove when moving out
● Offer to show your current rentals state
● Offer a longer lease
● Offer more frequent property inspections
● Register your pet as a support animal from a registered psychologist
● Download PawPass to store all your pet information by clicking the logo below. Only available on Apple devices currently.
PawPass Logo

How to Find Pet Friendly Landlords:

● Facebook pages
    ⬩ Pet Friendly Rentals Facebook
    ⬩ Auckland Pet Friendly Rentals
    ⬩ Wellington Pet Friendly Rentals
    ⬩ Christchurch Pet Friendly Rentals
● Rental websites: Search advanced option - pet friendly / dogs allowed / cats allowed
● Find properties that have been listed for a while and propose to them