Frequently asked questions

What kind of pets will Pet Refuge help?

Pet Refuge will provide temporary accommodation for dogs, cats, birds and smaller animals such as rabbits and guinea pigs. We will also assist people who have larger pets such as horses or other farm animals through our network of safe farms across New Zealand.

How will I be able to get help from Pet Refuge?

We are unable to take self-referrals. When the shelter is open in 2021, Pet Refuge will work with Women’s Refuge and Shine to take referrals for pets.

What care will be provided for my pet?

Our team will provide quality care for your pet, looking after their physical and mental wellbeing. In our shelter your pet will have a warm bed, food, medical treatment (if needed), toys to play with, worm and flea treatments and a full health check on arrival. We will provide enrichment for each pet, and therapy for pets displaying anxiety and fear issues, as we know the mental health of pets who have been abused as part of family violence can suffer greatly.

What regions will Pet Refuge cover?

Pet Refuge will provide a national service, transporting pets from around New Zealand to the shelter. We will also develop a network of farms around the country to care for larger farm animals.

When will Pet Refuge start taking in pets?

We are currently building the Pet Refuge shelter and we aim to open our doors to pets in early 2021.

How much will it cost?

The Pet Refuge service is free thanks to the generosity of our sponsors and individual donors. However, we would welcome any contribution you may wish to make towards the care of your pet.

Is Pet Refuge a charity?

Yes, we are registered with the NZ Charities Service. Our registration number is CC53408.

Does Pet Refuge only help the pets of women?

Pet Refuge will assist any pet affected by family violence to help their owner escape violence sooner regardless of their gender.

The shelter won’t be finished until next year - what should I do if I need help before then?

Call the Women’s Refuge crisis line on 0800 REFUGE or 0800 733 843. If you are in immediate danger please ring 111.