The Shelter

New Zealand's first shelter dedicated to temporarily housing pets affected by domestic violence

The Pet Refuge shelter is a purpose-designed building to provide temporary shelter and security for pets in family violence situations, with the end goal of reuniting each of them with their owners so they can start new lives together in violence-free homes. The location of the shelter will be kept confidential in order to protect the safety of the pets, women and children assisted by Pet Refuge. 

We are proud to have the experienced team from RSPCA New South Wales helping with the development of our programme. RSPCA NSW has been running their own Domestic Violence programme for 15 years, offering practical solutions for pet owners seeking refuge from abuse.

Pet Refuge has partnered with Women’s Refuge and Shine to assist pets via referrals. We will transport pets from around New Zealand to provide a national service for families affected by domestic violence. Each year, the shelter will house up to 300 pets including cats, dogs, rabbits, guinea pigs and birds. 

We will also develop a national network of safe farms to care for larger farm animals around New Zealand.

The Pet Refuge shelter will be a safe place for families to send their much loved pets, enabling them to leave family violence behind. We believe it will change the lives of many people and animals in need. 




Shelter Floorplan

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