Pet Refuge Fundraiser Terms and Conditions

By completing the online form you agree:

To complete, sign and submit this form to the GM of Fundraising and Marketing at Pet Refuge Charitable Trust no later than fourteen days prior to the proposed event/fundraiser;

Not to engage in any fundraising or other activity using Pet Refuge’s name, logo or other image unless you have received approval in writing by Pet Refuge to do so;

That you are not permitted to make any representations on Pet Refuge’s behalf, nor bind Pet Refuge to any arrangement or contract;

To deposit all funds raised within seven days of the completion of the event / fundraiser using the bank details provided to you by Pet Refuge;

To return any promotional material that Pet Refuge has provided to you (including, but not limited to, promotional buckets, banners or other collateral) as soon as reasonably practicable after your event / fundraiser and in any case, not later than fourteen days following your event / fundraiser (with the reasonable cost of postage to be deducted from any funds raised for Pet Refuge). Where the promotional material is a larger item and is not easily able to be posted or couriered, you may contact us to organise a time that Pet Refuge may collect the item(s) from you;

Not approach any corporate, media partner or charitable trust supporter of Pet Refuge without prior written approval. Pet Refuge takes pride in its work for victims of family violence in New Zealand. By signing this form, you acknowledge that Pet Refuge’s image and reputation is important to its ability to carry out this work. You therefore agree:

That you will not do anything or engage in any act which may damage or harm the image or reputation of Pet Refuge.

Nothing in these terms and conditions grants you the right to use the Pet Refuge name, logo or other image on, in relation to or connection with, any materials, website, or other public documentation or forum (whether developed by you or for you by a third party) unless we expressly agree to such use in writing. You will not use the name, logo or other image of Pet Refuge unless you are expressly permitted to do.

That you will ensure that any promotional material provided by us to you is only used in relation to the event / fundraiser specified in this form and that it is not defaced, altered or otherwise changed in any way unless agreed in writing by Pet Refuge.

That we have the right to take action against you where we feel that you have, or you are likely to, engage in any activity which breaches the terms set out herein or any of our intellectual property rights